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Z v0.5
Прошивка построена на базе Desire Z 1.34.405.4 WWE RUU

Для работы ей пока еще требуется наличие ext раздела (на него перекинуты самые редко используемые приложения).

  • Major internal remake, now installs almost 100% on internal memory. Read more in notes. *New
  • Camera is working THANKS TO SNQ- (Camera is now recording green picture in 720p, my progress  hehe)
  • Base - WWE 1.34.405.4
  • Rotating, with possibility to turn off and on the rotations, easy with a settings widget  *New
  • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that 
  • New coutts99 kernel 925mV - (BFS/BFQ/SLQB/HAVS/OC1190Mhz/EXT4/CIFS/TUN) *New
    Overclock with SetCpu
  • Default speed stock 254-998.4 MHz.
  • Screenstate scaling
    - screen on - ondemand
    - screen off - ondemand (testing something)
  • Busybox, Root, Superuser...
  • Cyanogen A2SD script, moves both apps and dalvik to ext
  • Some internal scripts from neos rom. Thanks man! *New
  • Updated Market to the new one. *New
  • Back to bigger font  *New
  • Updated APNs to Cyanogens big list (over 1300 providers). *New
  • Updated some apps (maps 5.0, facebook...) *New
  • Added E-book Reader. *New
  • HTC Likes works (for me at least ) *New
  • Added Handwriting
  • Modified the autobrightness values to generally be darker when it is darker, but normal when there is light... should save battery, maybe the screen stats will be better...  *New
  • Added a throttling patch (Evil D did actually ) It's supposed to bypass network bandwidth throttling imposed by some carriers. Need to be tested tho... *Optional from extras
  • Modded Power Menu Thanx again snq-
  • DSP Manager
  • Custom Notification area (Not transparent this time hehehe)
  • Rom Manager
  • Host file moved to data/etc/ for easier update
  • Bootanimation and downanimation in data/local for easier update
  • Languages supported:
    English, German, Spanish, 
    French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish,
    Portuguese, Slovakian, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish,
    Swedish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japan, Korean, Vietnam,
    Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian
  • This rom installs 100% on internal memory  No need for S-OFF and custom MTD
    It does not need any ext partition to work.
    I moved some rarely (mostly i think) used apps to data partition, which is moved, along with dalvik-cache to ext with the A2SD+ script
    With EXT partition you will have around 130MB space on data and A2SD+ enabled so it should be enough space to install apps for most of you.
  • If some sites which uses flash is closing for you, simply download and install flash player 10 from market.
  • Overclock with SetCpu, Overclock widget seems not working... at least for me 
    Be cautious when overclocking, do it always with small steps!
  • There may be some slowdowns at the begining due the rom is restoring and syncing all apks and settings.
  • If you have problems installing the rom, try to repartition your sd card, make a full wipe and try to install it again.
  • Restoring a titanium backup may cause some FC, use with caution. (not tested on the v04 yet)

Known bugs:
  • Some streaming media just plays audio :/ any idea?
  • Throttling patch can cause FC in network settings, do your changes before flashing that patch.
    This is not really bug of the rom it self, just the patch, but i thought it is good to point that out here

Системные требования:
  • Full wipe required.
  • EXT partition, min 512Mb for the rom to work, recommended 1Gb... no swap.


  • New coutts99 kernel 925mV - (BFS/BFQ/SLQB/HAVS/OC1190Mhz/EXT4/CIFS/TUN)
  • Reorganized internal structure, core apps on internal memory, rarely used on sd. More speed.
  • Updated APN list to Cyanogen big list (over 1300 providers)
  • Added E-Book reader from HD
  • .... more to come.

  • Fixed locations.

  • mostly internal changes...

  • Possibility to turn off and on the rotations, easy with a settings widget 
  • New coutts99 kernel 925mV
  • Updated egl libs
  • Tweaked the autobrightness a bit, dont know if it is better or worse hehe, hard nut this one.

  • Camera fix
  • 720p movie PLAYBACK fix (not recording in camcorder!)
  • Moved host file to data for easier update
  • Moved bootanimation.zip to data/local for easier update
  • slightly speeded up the downanimation (just a little bit)
  • added DSP Manager
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Market
  • Updated Facebook
  • Maked more apps rotating (thanks capychimp for that)
    Music app, Weather app, FM Radio, HTC Contacts, USB menu when conecting the phone to USB
  • Fixed HTC Locations (can connect to the servers now)
  • Settings like in HD rom (smaller font)
  • Added some languages like in HD rom (slovenian, croatian, serbian)
  • Added Handwriting
  • Changed so the browser identifies the phone as Desire (i hope it works)
  • Changed screenstate scalling for screen-on, now smartass
  • Changed Kernel to ziggys from 24Nov with Bat fix. Like in HD rom
  • Modified the autobrightness values to generally be darker when it is darker, but normal when there is light... should save battery, maybe the screen stats will be better... 
  • Added a patch (Evil D did actually ) It is preventing to choke your network when your limit is reached, instead of couple Kb/s you got full speed  Need to be tested tho...
  • dont remember rest... 

  • Initial release
  • Here are original files for the Z v0.1-v0.4 Safest way to apply this is before installing the rom, change the file right in the zip.
  •  Originally Posted by Auto brightness files:

    If someone does not likes the modded autobrightness,

  • here are files to flash from recovery, no wipe! (May not work with v04-05, still investigating.)
  • Original file from stock Z rom
  • Original file from Z v0.1
  • Original file from Z v0.2 - With custom autobrightness
  • Note the autobrightness settings are in framework-res.apk, the same file as is using for animations/battery mods and other themes...
  • framework-res.apk - original notification area and autobrightness, should be placed in /system/framework/
  • android.policy.jar - original power menu, should be placed in /system/framework/
  • Rosie.apk - Not rotateble, should be placed in /system/app/

RC github
All kernels should work with other 2.2 Sense roms too.
  • RCKernel B33 Speed @254-1305.6MHz Thanx Capychimp for that *New
    Included Smartass governor, thanx erasmux for that  hi man! SD read fix, thx frankoid and Lzma, thx snq-.
    Lzma means smaller boot.img, should help with the write boot.img issue.
    Now the kernel is capable to go up to 1305MHz for real (thanks snq- for pointing out previous bug). Previous roms showed 1305.6 but was in fact just 1113 MHz.
    So be cautious when overclocking, my device is stable up to 1190(~1800 quadrant), over that it hangs or reboots.
    RCKernel B29 Steppable OC up to 1305.6 MHz, SDCard read fix (Thanks frankoid for finding the sollution), HTC Sources... *New
  • RCKernel v28  Steppable OC up to 1305.6 MHz *May become slow after a while, i got mixed reports about it...
  • RCKernel v02 OC @1300.4MHz
  • RCKernel v01 OC @1213MHz



Z ROM v0.5 A2SD
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